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Lastly, are there SP3 vers of the ff.1 - Not that I'm aware of but go and download the entire cd. Everything is there (Support, Valueadd, Dotnetfx). Just delete the 'old' folder and copy the 'new' folder in.2 - Yes, just go search MS websiteBTW, do the Overlays first in the raw SP2-copied source. Folders other than I386 are irrelevant in relation to HF slipping or nLiting.well. What do you know. Didn't know i have this.iso sitting in my hdd all along (so no need to dl) so i'll just mount it & get the files from there appreciate the feedback submix. Hope you don't mind me asking but where in ms do we find the sp3 versions?

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Cheers!Edited December 18, 2009 by Kiki Burgh. Submix8c, I owe you at least a partial apology. Though I still haven't found them as a separate download, as you correctly said, the SP3 support tools are indeed in the ISO you pointed us to. The SUPPORTTOOLSSUPPORT.CAB seems to have all the updated tools, and the deployment tools are also there in DEPLOY.CAB, though the deployment tools ARE available as a separate download for some reason. I guess it's possible the SP3 boot disk is there, too, but I didn't see it. Would you mind pointing it out to me? If you go to the MS site you will find.

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It provides links to get boot disks for both Home and Professional versions of XP Original Release, SP1, and SP2, but NOT SP3. I suppose if it came down to it that I could make my own by using an SP2 version and substituting SP3 files from an SP3 working system.

Any other suggestions?Thanks again.Cheers and Regards Edited December 18, 2009 by bphlpt. Re: SP3 Boot Floppy files.I believe you are correct. They are not available for downloading. I must point out that using Boot Floppies is a different method than CD Boot, so be aware when you 'create your own'. I really can't understand, tho, why you would want them; Just make your newly-created SP3 CD bootable.(edit - and won't swear to this, but the SP2 boot floppies might be useable for an SP3 install - check the diffs between the contents of RTM, SP1, SP2 to 'help' determine. Personally, I feel they are irrelevant as they are only good for PC's that don't boot to CD and very few even old ones don't.) Edited December 18, 2009 by submix8c.

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In order to succesfully convert Windows systems to a VMware virtual machine, you need to install the sysprep files of the to be converted host.