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You are welcome!First to your error!strengineload:4% '?This is easy: It means that the string 'engine load' is missing in your language file. It's a bug in the PC software and not related to your car.You can simple ignore it or change to English.Now to your car: You attached a picture of the model, not of the map. Press F10 and make a screenshot again.Regarding your model: My recommandation is1) to pull down the pont '10.1'. Let your model be a straight line. More changes may be necessary after you posted the map.2) remove the engine idle map fuction ('use model for idle')Huge fuel consumption is often not because of bad model setting. More common is a bad working Lamda oxygen sensor or air mass flow sensor.And regarding your injectors: Somebody started the injection test.

If it was not you maybe it's long time ago and the result may be outdated. What you can do now is to start the injection test again, first clear the old results. Your engine should be warm and running at idle, but the electrical ventilator should not start during the test. Repeat the test 3 times and make sure you get almost the same result after each test.

Kme Diego Software Deutsch 2016

If you are sure the result is valid please post a screenshot. Then we see if a calibration or cleaning is necessary. Please make also a picture of the injector or write down what is printed on it. I assume you have Valtek injectors (this is very common in Germany) but maybe in your country it's different. Some injetors are easy to calibrate, some other types you can forget and must replace.Btw: If you are familar with the software you can update your firmware and profit from many bug fixes, please see software documentation which comes together with PC software. Be careful, all settings get lost and you must input everything after that.

Make screen shots before, than it takes only 2 minutes and it's worth the time. But your high fuel consumtion will not be fixed with firmware update.Edit: Ups I forgot: Before you post the map please drive some kilometers with gasoline under different engine loads. The ECU records new map points then and it's good to have these points updated before doing any changes. Best way you clear old map points before, but it's also working if you simply drive. Thank you for your answers, really good information!Yea, injectors on my car is valtek. I started those injectors tests, because car at idle engine load worked very unsightly. After test at idle engine works fine.

Kme Diego Software Deutsch Youtube

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Tomorrow i will shot more pictures, and i will upload it here. Yea, with gasoline i drive very rarely, of those 25000km about 24500km i drived with gas.I have one more question, i have two cars mercedes c200 100kw, above has GAS Diego G3, but on one Gas presure is 1.35 at idle RPM, on other 1.10, is that normal?

GAS system instaled not the same mechanics on those cars. As we tought your injectors are mounted horizontal. When there is any option you should mount them in a standing position after you let them clean and calibrate. The differences between them are too great.

After calibration it should look more equal. And your overall software settings and gas pressure need adjustment.When you have Valtek injectors in balance, adjust gas pressure on reductor.

On picture 5 the green LPG-points should be exactly at same position than fuel-points (red).In your pictures the green points are below red dots. This means that your bank is too strength and Car-ECU reduce injection time.Summary:1. Clean and calibrate Valtek Injectors (0,50mm). If possible bring them in an standing position to avoid issues in future.2.

Reduce gas pressure to 1,1 Bar3. Remove LPG-Map and collect new dots.Then you should post new pictures (like 4,5 and 7 above). Hi, I follow RitterChopin completely.Currently you gas/air mixture is too rich (20%). Together with a slow Lamda sensor this leads to high fuel consumption.Usually you would now reduce the 'mult' value of your model from 2% to -3%.But you have a second anomaly: You gas pressure is a little too high and thats why your mixture is too rich.Rest of your settings looks good.Some improvements, which are not related to your actual issue (maybe you want to change it later not now)Your switching temperature to gas 25°C is on the lowest point, I would recommand to increase this value to 30 or 35°C. This prevents your vaporizer from paraffin wax accumulation.Gas injector heating is enabled, this creates a 1 minute loud noise before the car switches to gas. Not sure if you need this setting, I don't think so.Btw: That the lamda indicator moves a little bit when changing from gas to petrol or other direction this is normal.

But it should come back to normal very fast.What to do next is to calibrate and clean your injectors. Don't keep it like it is, one cylinder runs very rich, other very lean with very high combustion temperature inside because of oxygen excess. This can reduce the lifetime of your engine dramatically. I think it is highest priority.After that reduce the gas pressure like RitterChopin already explained.Please check the monting of your gas ECU: If the injectors are mounted wrong maybe the ECU is it as well: The connectors needs to point down that way, that water can not collect inside of the ECU. It kills your ECU very fast. 40-50 km should be ok.

Select the right RPM-range in software. The software will set an new dot when the load is on a empty range and the signaltime is minimum 1 second.Sometimes it´s hard to collect all 127 dots. For a good overview many dot´s will be helpful over the whole selected RPM-range. Fuel and LPG.Autocalibrate may cause your rich mixture. Where the blue line is higher than 1,00 it eans you enrich mixture.1,1 means the software make your misture 10% more rich1,3 means 30%Let us see how your MAP looks next time.

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