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2 Bosch Wheel Service Equipment In addition to our state-of-the art diagnostic and test equipment, Bosch also offers a complete line of high quality wheel service equipment. These professional and precise products are designed to help keep your repair shop operating at peak efficiency. Our wheel service and diagnostic equipment, combined with our trusted automotive aftermarket parts, make Bosch your single source helping you to maximize your profitability! New from Bosch FWA 4630 EZ3D Wheel Alignment System With the new FWA 4630 EZ3D wheel alignment system from Bosch, precise wheel alignment of passenger cars takes only around seven minutes!

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The complete alignment procedure, including runout compensation, can performed by just one employee, swiftly and accurately. 3 Comprehensive Diagnostic Product Line Comprehensive Diagnostic Product Line Diagnostic Tools and Wheel Service Equipment Bosch offers an array of underhood and undercar diagnostic tools and wheel service equipment. These professional tools support your automotive service needs with the reliability and accuracy that Bosch is known for. 4 KTS 670 KTS 670 Scan Diagnostics Improved 2-channel Measuring Oscilloscope Improved error analysis with the diagnosis oscilloscope The KTS 670 is the most advanced diagnostics scan tool from Bosch. A PC-based, comprehensive device for the future of your workshop! The KTS 670 is powered by the ESItronic software and comes with an enhanced, high quality 2-channel oscilloscope and a high quality 2-channel multimeter. The KTS 670 features scan information for European, Asian and Domestic vehicles.

2-channel oscilloscope shows component signal and actual value for perfect troubleshooting KTS 670 ff Mobile test system provides complete diagnostics for in-shop and test drive applications ff Exquisite components = long term availability ff Hardware and software perfectly harmonized for short access times and fast diagnostics ff User-friendly, bright display with large reading angle ff Integrated measuring techniques optimize measuring technology for complex trouble-shooting Available in Summer 2009! F00E KTS 670 Base Kit High-performance test equipment and optimally tailored workshop software for reliable service quality The only way for workshops to offer all services for innovative vehicles is through professional diagnostics and information systems. In order to accomplish this, the KTS 670 is powered by ESItronic software, which provides the workshop with comprehensive information for finding and eliminating defects.

ESItronic is perfectly synchronized with the KTS Series. With ESItronic, you have the comprehensive technical information which you require in your workshop at your disposal. Four updates a year make sure that the KTS is always up-to-date. Essential Features ff 2 Channel Oscilloscope ff 2 Channel Multimeter ff 16-pin DLC ff Universal cable ff Future J2534 capability ff Comprehensive market coverage for: Audi BMW Mini Mercedes-Benz VW Volvo Honda (Acura) Toyota (Lexus, Scion) Nissan (Infiniti) Hyundai Kia Ford Chrysler General Motors (in 2010) Your advantages ff Windows XP Platform ff 12.1' TFT Display ff Touchscreen ff PC Card Slot for WLAN ff Ready for the future with integrated change adapters ff Extended measuring technology for comprehensive troubleshooting in vehicles. 5 KTS 570 Integrated European Diagnostics Domestic coverage coming soon! 6 KTS 200 Scan Diagnostics An inexpensive and easy-to-use scan tool for European and Asian ECU diagnostics.

Expandable technology for future market coverage. Diagnosing a wide range of European and Asian vehicles is faster and easier than ever with the new KTS 200. Its compact size, comprehensive software, and fast, intuitive navigation make it an ideal primary or secondary scan tool for all shops. Whether you are currently a European or Asian specialty shop, or are planning to enter the European or Asian repair market, the KTS 200 is the versatile and powerful tool choice that will not break the budget. With in-depth ECU diagnostic capability, the KTS 200 is the perfect choice for all your scanning needs. Perform basic scanning functions such as reading and clearing DTCs to advanced bi-directional function tests.

Scan Test Solutions Domestic coverage coming soon! Complete ECU scan diagnostics Menu Navigation New, simple menu navigation. New Service Opportunities Inexpensive entry to modern diagnostic capabilities for European vehicles. F00E P P P P12212 User-Defined Controls Unit for both left and right handed users. ESItronic Software Powered by ESItronic software in 23 languages.

Integrated, software-controlled 16-pin multiplexer connector for fast and easy vehicle communications. OBD II and CAN supported (high speed, medium speed, low speed and single wire). 7 Mastertech M-VCI Mastertech M-VCI Scan Diagnostics Plug-and-play OE-level Mastertech diagnostics for the PC, and wireless scan tool connectivity. The Mastertech M-VCI combines the award-winning scan test software with an innovative, wireless PC-tovehicle connection. Giving you instant access to OEM-specific information systems, as well as most major shop management systems. OEM Technology Leading edge platform for future vehicle communication designs. Simple Vehicle Interface Utilizes industry-standard SAE J pin connector with no special keys or adapters required for OBD II vehicles.

PC Connectivity Operates with a Windows PC through either wireless, Ethernet or USB connection. Graphical User Interface Award-winning Shop Foreman Pro user interface is accessible via a desktop, laptop or tablet PC. User-Defined Controls Custom keypad controls to optimize tablet, laptop or keyboard operation.

Flash Memory Updates Internet-based vehicle software applications and tester firmware. Solidworks 2014 serial number generator. 8 MTS 3100 Mastertech MTS 3100 Mastertech Scan Diagnostics High Capacity Mass Storage Cartridge Reprogrammable application cartridge contains application software updated through a PC. Custom Graphics Display High visibility backlit LCD screen displays up to 16 PIDs, including custom list, LED, bar graph and line graph modes. Essential Features: ff Comprehensive vehicle software coverage from model year 1981 to current ff Covers powertrain, chassis and body systems ff Dealer-level coverage including General Motors, Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura OE-level scan tool diagnostics in the palm of your hand. The MTS 3100 is the tool that revolutionized the repair industry, combining comprehensive OE level scan diagnostics, automotive scope and meter functions in one hand-held package. When your business depends on maximum productivity, don t settle for anything less.

Logical Keypad 23-key hydrocarbon-resistant membrane keypad for easy, logical tester navigation. Program Card Reprogrammable PCMCIA card contains application software updated through a PC. RS232 Serial Port Connects to a PC enabling Shop Foreman Pro, SPS and application software downloads. Vehicle Serial Data Link Connects to vehicle DLC, and supports OBDI, OBDII and CAN protocols. Ff Patented bi directional control testing ff Fully OBDII compliant including Controller Area Network (CAN) protocols 3 Tools in 1 Instrumentation Port Connects additional instrumentation such as meter, scope, and battery tester MTS 3100 Mastertech OBDII Kit MTS 3100 Mastertech Complete Domestic Kit MTS 3100 Mastertech Toyota/Honda/Nissan Asian Kit MTS 3100 Mastertech Complete Domestic and Asian Kit MTS 3100 Mastertech Instrumentation Kit What Makes the MTS 3100 Mastertech Different? OE-level Scan Test Digital Storage Oscilloscope Automotive Multimeter Fully OBDll/CAN Compliant Multiplex Network Module Status Comprehensive OEM-validated Bi-directional Control Testing. 9 Tech 2 Tech 2 Scan Diagnostics PCMCIA Slots Reprogrammable PCMCIA card contains diagnostic application software, updated through a PC.


RS232 Serial Port Connects to a PC, enabling all ACDelco TIS 2 Web applications. Essential Features ff Authentic General Motors software coverage from model year 1992 to current ff Covers all powertrain, chassis, and body systems Ideal for vehicle diagnostics. The Tech 2 has been an essential tool in dealerships worldwide since Now you can put the same dealer software in your shop. When your business depends on maximum productivity, don t settle for anything less. With additional OEM purchased software, the Tech 2 can be used to diagnose Izuzu, Saab, and Suzuki vehicles.

Bosch Mts 5200 Price

Contact the OEM dealer for software purchase details. Custom Graphics Display High visibility backlit LCD screen displays up to 9 PIDs, including custom lists, line graph mode, and hot key access. Technician-Friendly Design Adjustable hand straps facilitate one-handed operation.

Logical Keypad 29-key hydrocarbon-resistant membrane keypad for easy, logical tester navigation. Vehicle Serial Data Link Connects to vehicle DLC and supports General Motors OBDI, OBDII and GMLAN protocols. Does not support global architecture protocol. Ff Enhanced diagnostics on GMLAN (CAN) vehicles with optional CANdi module ff Patented bi- directional control testing Additional 32MB card available Card PCMCIA 32Mb VTX Tech 2 Starter Kit. Tech 2 Pro Kit.

Complete Solution Components Tech 2 Scan Tool Technical Information System (TIS 2 Web) Electronic Service Information (ESI).Both kits come with pre-loaded General Motors scantest software. Additional TIS 2 Web software must be purchased separately via the ACDelco Tech Connect website. What Makes the Tech 2 Different? General Motors CANdi module kit (Included in kit) Access to all on-board systems Multiplex network module status Enhanced GMLAN Comprehensive OEM-validated bi-directional control testing. 10 Shop Foreman Pro Bosch diagnostic tools and Shop Foreman Pro equals increased shop efficiency Shop Foreman Pro is an information portal designed to streamline diagnostics, web based information, J2534 programming and diagnostic record management in the service bay. Shop Foreman Pro is a PC application containing a fully integrated interface that allows you to view and analyze data from one or more diagnostic testers in a variety of highly useful formats not available on the testers themselves.

Data can be captured, annotated, and saved to provide clear, graphical representations of problems and their solutions. Shop Foreman Pro s built-in web browser allows the simultaneous viewing of web based service information with diagnostic data.

Perform Scan Diagnostics, Oscilloscope Testing and More The Technician may toggle between the connected Diagnostic Tools, Web Based Service Info, the SFP Repair Order and any saved diagnostic records. Record up to 80 minutes of data to your hard drive. Display the data in 9 different formats. Shop Foreman Pro Vehicle Health Check The Vehicle Health view is a static display of the emissions monitors on the vehicle. The data is collected from the vehicle and displayed in a useful format for viewing and printing. 11 Diagnostics Software Diagnostics Software KTS Scan Tool Software Mastertech Scan Tool Software Deep diagnostic coverage is available for: Deep diagnostic coverage is available for: ff Audi ff General Motors/Saturn ff BMW ff Ford/Lincoln/Mercury ff Mini ff Chrysler/Jeep ff Mercedes-Benz ff Toyota/Lexus/Scion ECU diagnosis is the foundation for a successful service business. With the ever increasing amount of electronics in motor vehicles, simple maintenance work will soon require ECU diagnosis.

Ff Automobile manufacturers recommend to read all trouble codes in their maintenance schedules. Ff A scan tool is required for programming the service interval display, even for work which was once purely mechanical.

Ff Brake control systems such as ABS, TCS and ESP require activation of the solenoid valves in various high-pressure pumps when bleeding the brake hydraulic system, or changing the brake fluid. Ff VW ff Volvo ff Honda/Acura ff Toyota/Lexus/Scion ff Nissan/Infiniti ff Hyundai ff Kia ff Ford ff Chrysler ff General Motors (in 2010) Four updates per year ensure data accuracy feature enhancements. Make sure that your Mastertech scan tool has the most updated software. Bosch provides software for both the Mastertech MTS3100 and the Mastertech M-VCI, allowing you to have the most up-to-date information available. Software offerings for the Mastertech MTS 3100 is available for vehicle model years 1981 through Some coverage may vary.

Software is tool-based, available from a cartridge. Software offerings for the Mastertech M-VCI is available for vehicle model years 1996 through Some coverage may vary. 12 Flasher Pro (J2534 Reprogrammer) Vehicle Interface Module (all vehicle makes capable) Flasher LT (J2534 Reprogrammer) Vehicle Interface Module (vehicle make specific) Easy reprogramming with confidence for all vehicle makes and models. It is estimated that 60% of vehicles (1996 to present) have OEM ECU calibration updates available, presenting the opportunity for a quick return on investment (ROI).

The Flasher Pro Vehicle Interface Module (VIM), along with OEM programming application software, provides dealer-level programming capabilities for all makes, all models at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary OEM dealer diagnostic tool, and unlimited expansion technology for your future. Free upgrades to firmware available via the diagnostic website: Easy, faster reprogramming with confidence at a lower cost for specific vehicle makes. The Flasher LT offers users a J2534 compliant device at a low cost. The device features a direct connection to a laptop or desktop PC via a USB 2.0 full speed connection. All of the electronics are contained in the OBD-II connector shell, making for a compact and rugged vehicle communications solution. The Flasher LT is powered by the USB interface, so there s no reinitialization necessary if the device is unplugged from the vehicle interface. Free upgrades to firmware available via the diagnostic website: Note: Requires the use of OEM software purchased from the OEM website.

F00E Flasher Pro Note: Requires the use of OEM software purchased from the OEM website. Flasher Pro PC/Host Interface: RS232 or USB connection to a PC for vehicle programming and firmware updates. Vehicle Interface (all makes, all models) Connects to vehicle OBDII J1962 DLC via a cable and supports the following protocols.

Ff CAN/ISO 15765/GMLAN ff CAN (Dual or Single Wire) ff Ford SCP (J1850PWM) ff General Motors Class 2 (J1850VPW) ff KWP2000 (ISO9141/14230) ff Chrysler SCI (J2610) Pre-2004 vehicles ( ) may use an OEM proprietary connector requiring a special cable adapter. Flasher LT Part Numbers Description and Part No. 13 General Motors MDI (J2534 Reprogrammer) Scan Tool MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter Digital Multimeter Authentic General Motors MDI vehicle communication interface for wireless diagnostics and J2534 reprogramming.

The General Motors MDI is a PC based vehicle diagnostic tool. Using General Motors sourced software, this device offers full diagnostic capability for all General Motors vehicles. The Bosch MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter is a CAT safety rated, auto ranging digital multimeter designed for use in diagnostics of electronic circuits. Whatever your shop services: automotive, fleet, motorcycle, marine or small engine, the MMD 540H has the capability to keep up with your business.

F00K General Motors MDI OEM Tester The General Motors MDI also allows for ECU reprogramming of all General Motors manufactured vehicles. Dealer level capability at an affordable price. Handles all current General Motors J2534 reflashing protocols. Hardware kit only.


Mts 5200 Engine Analyzer For Sale

Note: Requires software subscription to General Motors SPS (Service Programming System), which must be purchased separately via the ACDelco Tech Connect website. Also requires the use of OEM software purchased from the OEM website. 14 MTS 5200 Engine Analyzer MTS 5200 Engine Analyzer Scope/Engine Diagnostics Modular Design Build the functions as they are needed to make a fully functioning engine analyzer. Start with a 4-channel oscilloscope and a graphing multimeter. Next, add the ignition upgrade package and get primary and secondary ignition support.

Then, add the vacuum, pressure and failed cylinder test package and get a full complement of mechanical tests. One hand-held solution for complete engine analysis.

The MTS 5200 is the single solution for all your engine analysis needs. Now you can have the power of the big box analyzers in one portable hand-held tool.

4 Tools in 1 Auxiliary Connection Expansion port provides connection for additional instrumentation such as vacuum and pressure probes. Primary Ignition Primary ignition is 600V compatible with all primary ignition signals. Ignition Sync BNC input connection for ignition trigger service for the #1 cylinder identification. Secondary Ignition Large screw-on secondary connector ensures a solid electrical connection. F00K DSO and DVOM Engine Analyzer Kit Engine Analyzer Ignition Upgrade Kit Vacuum/Pressure/FCI Upgrade Kit Current Probe Kit (includes high and low current clamps) F00K Coil on Plug (COP) Flex Wand F00K Coil on Plug (COP) Loop Probe Kit Power Connection 12V power connection with AC/DC adapter or the internal battery pack (NiMH).

DVOM DVOM connections allow easy lead attachment with standard leads. Color Display with Touchscreen Large, 8' high resolution color display with built-in touchscreen technology and brightness adjustment.

8 Communication Ports Connects the MTS 5200 to other peripheral devices, includes LAN port for Ethernet connection. 9 Rubber Cushion Protection Durable side cushions protect the MTS 5200 from accidents. Graphing Multimeter/DVOM 4-channel Oscilloscope Ignition Analyzer Engine Analyzer Complex Problems. Simple Solutions Coil On Plug Multichannel Pinpoint Test Cranking kv Vacuum Per Cylinder Base Kit Ignition Package Mechanical Test Package Start with the basic kit and build the MTS 5200 to fit your diagnostic needs. Good burn time Painless COP diagnosis displays a waveform in three easy steps Faulty crankshaft position sensor Simplified intermittent diagnosis using the multichannel sensor display Weak coil output Efficient ignition analysis in less than 60 seconds Low vacuum on cylinder #2 Comprehensive mechanical testing includes vacuum, pressure and ignition kv. 15 FSA 740/720 FSA 740/720 Vehicle System Analyzer FSA 740 Essential Features ff FSA 720 measurement module with convenient sensor and cable storage ff PC ff Printer ff Easy-to-read flat panel display ff Durable roll-around cart perfectly suited for the shop environment FSA 740 Vehicle System Analyzer is a complete solution for today s complicated vehicles. The FSA 740 offers professional automotive service centers a complete diagnostic system, that combines the FSA 720 with a convenient cart allowing mobility and space for expandable accessories.

Ff Oscilloscope with 50Ms/s and 1Ms record buffer ff Automatic test procedures and component tests ff Signal generator for on-car sensor test ff Ignition analyzer focused on modern systems Use the FSA 720 as a stand-alone diagnostic device, providing the same functionality, but is used with existing shop equipment. 16 BAT 151 BAT 151 Electrical System Diagnostic Analyzer Essential Features ff Enhanced starter system testing ff Improved alternator diagnostics ff Advanced battery testing ff Cable drop verification testing ff Expandable platform eliminates costly tool obsolescence Electrical system diagnostic analyzer with advanced battery and starter system testing. The BAT 151 is a versatile, reliable and easy-to-use electrical diagnostic tool for today s modern automotive service center. Data Transmitter Sends the test results to an optional IR printer.

6-Pin Connector Connection for the battery test cable. Accessories Port An RJ45 connector with a release lever for accessory test cables. Thermal Printer An optional integrated thermal printer. Backlit Display 128 X 64 pixel graphic backlit display.

LED Lights in conjunction with beeping alarm to indicate transitions and warnings. Control Panel Keypad and power button. USB Connector This mini USB allows for future accessories. DB-9 Port This port allows for future accessories. Spring-loaded SD Card Slot Allows for test data storage and software upgrades.

17 BAT 110 BAT 110 Conductance Battery Tester Essential Features ff 12V load-free battery tester ff Suitable for testing lead-acid batteries: standard, maintenancefree, plus AGM batteries ff Capable of diagnosing 12V starter and charging systems ff Lowest voltage storage function when testing starter systems ff Highest and lowest voltage storage function when testing charging systems The BAT 110 is a rugged workshop battery tester that uses conductance technology to provide quick and accurate testing of batteries, charging systems and starter systems. 5 LED Display Bright, large, easy to read display. 2 LED Communication Battery condition is indicated by illuminated LEDs. 4 Temperature Conditions Temperature compensation for accurate test results. 5 Quick Navigation Large, easy-to-use navigation buttons. Ff Tests CCA norms., as well as IEC, DIN, SAE, and EN ff Accurate test results under all temperature conditions ff Indicator for defective battery ff Solid and rugged housing stands up to daily shop use ff The four digit LED voltage screen, three LED indicators and the arrow keys enable easy and intuitive handling of the device.A JIS Conversion table is located on the back of the device.

3 Testing Capability Capable of testing AGM and standard flooded batteries. Efficient and Affordable F00E BAT 110 A quick reference guide is located on the back of the unit for starting and charging system tests, as well as a JIS conversion chart. Specifications Test Method Battery Test Power Supply Conductance, non-loading 12V starter batteries (standard, maintenance-free, and AGM) From test battery with voltages from 5.5V Display User Interface Operating Instructions 4-digit LED numeric display, 3 LED indicators Push-button operation 14 languages Voltmeter V DC Cable 1.3 ft The BAT 110 is designed for a variety of uses in the workshop. Perform numerous, reliable tests efficiently with the clear, easy-to-use navigation buttons. Operating Range, Amps Test State/Diagnostic Capability 200 to 850 CCA, 200 to 900 SAE/EN, 120 to 550 DIN/IEC Battery life, voltmeter, starter system, charging system Weight 10.4 oz Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.75' x 3.85' x 1.57' Warranty 1 year. 18 ACS 615 ACS 615 Digital Air Conditioning Refrigerant Handling System 2 Essential Features ff Fully compliant with the new SAE J2788 standard The latest technology for air conditioning service is fully automated, accurate and easy to use for maximum shop efficiency and productivity. Bosch ACS 615 offers the quality, performance and convenience features that today s shops demand.

Fully automated operation, unparalleled accuracy, easy maintenance and Bosch reliability offer the total package for busy technicians who need to get the job done right the first time Control panel turret rotates 90 in either direction for unrestricted visibility. 2 Ergonomic handle/cord storage adds convenience. 3 Externally mounted oil recovery and oil charge bottles for easy access.

4 Durable, aircraft-quality wiring harness. 6 On-board 30-lb charging cylinder. 7 Large, pressure-protected compressor with oil return. 8 Rigid steel base provides robust component mounting platform. 9 Fully-locking, debris-free, non-stick casters for easy movement.

Ff Innovative 180 swivel control turret houses easy-to-read 4' gauges, large 4 x 20 character LCD display and intuitive keypad ff Fully-automatic programming for increased shop efficiency ff Easy-access filter for reduced maintenance time ff Ergonomic whale-tail handle also easily stores hose ff Easy rolling foam-filled rear wheels won t go flat ff Externally-mounted oil bottles for easy access ff Wireless remote technician notification system option increases technician efficiency ff Optional vehicle refrigerant/oil capacity database helps reduce comebacks 5 Powerful 6 CFM vacuum pump. Maintenance-free, ultra-low rolling resistance, foam-filled rear wheel assemblies resist flat-spots. Quality Built Throughout F00E ACS 615 Digital Air Conditioning Refrigerant Handling System F00E ACS 615 Vehicle Refrigerant Database F00E Replacement Filter Kit Specifications Electrical 120VAC - 60HZ - 12 AMP 230VAC - 50HZ - 6 AMP (optional) Shipping Dimensions 50'H x 22'W x 35'D (127cm x 56cm x 89cm) Compressor Condenser Fan 3/8HP - 0.8kW, pressure protected, balanced start-up, oiled, hermetically sealed Industrial duty Weight Approximately 255 lbs (116 kg) Vacuum Pump 6 CFM, dual stage, 29.9 InHg Two convenient USB ports accommodate both the optional database and PC connection.

Pre-assembled, 100% pre-tested manifold assembly delivers reliability and ease of maintenance. 90º 90º Unique swivel control turret maximizes visibility without having to reposition the unit.

Bosch Mts 5200 Manual Lawn Mower

Operating Ranges F (0-49 C) Scale Accuracy J2788 compliant Recovery Accuracy J2788 compliant Hoses 9 ft (2.74 m) On-board Charging Cylinder Recycling Filter-Drier Warranty 30 lbs (13.6 kg) DOT Spin-on type 2 years. 19 Make Bosch Your Single Source Bosch offers a complete line of both high quality wheel service equipment, and state-of-the-art diagnostic and test equipment, as well as all the necessary software. These professional and precise undercar and underhood products are designed to help keep your repair shop operating at peak efficiency, and maximize your profitability.

To learn more about our products, visit To locate your nearest representative, please visit Support/SalesRep/Pages/SearchSalesRep.aspx?reptype=Diagnostics. To place an order, contact customer service at, ext. Wheel Service Equipment ff Brake Lathes ff Tire Changers ff Wheel Aligners ff Wheel Balancers ff Nitrogen Tire Filling System Diagnostic Test Equipment ff Scan Tools ff J2534 Reprogrammers ff Battery Test Modules ff Engine Analyzers/Scopes/Meters ff A/C Refrigerant Handling System BOSCH is a trademark licensed by Robert Bosch GmbH and/or its affiliated entities Robert Bosch LLC, USA. All rights reserved. Robert Bosch LLC 2800 South 25th Avenue Broadview, IL Phone: Robert Bosch LLC, Printed in the USA, F00E380512.

Operating across four business sectors – Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology – Bosch is uniquely positioned to offer customers a multitude of value-add, cross-sector solutions across a diversity of industry applications.In addition to providing outstanding products, we utilize expertise in sensor technology, systems integration, software and services, as well as our own IoT cloud, to offer each customer connected, cross-domain solutions from a single source.