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May be this question is not much important for you but I am facing problem in this. I have a DataGridView in which I add rows.

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If Me.Dgv.Rows.Count = 0 ThenSlNo = 1ElseSlNo = Me.Dgv.Rows.Count + 1End IfMe.Dgv.Rows.Add(SlNo, ItemId, ItemName, Qty, ItemRate, Amt)and the rows display like. DataGridView.RowPrePaint event will be raised every time when datagridview must be repainting.This will happened for example when you drag over datagridview another form or MessageBoxor when you minimize/hide form and reopen it again.In your case you need update Serial No only after count of the rows was changed.

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'Method looping all rows and update value of `Sl No` column based on index of rowPrivate Sub DgvRowCountChangedFor Each dgvr As DataGridViewRow in Me.Dgv.Rowsdgvr.Cells(0).Value = dgvr.Index + 1NextEnd SubMethod DgvRowCountChanged will be executed in the event handlers of RowsAdded and RowsRemoved Private Sub DgvRowsAdded(object sender,DataGridViewRowsAddedEventArgs e) Handles Dgv.RowsAddedMe.DgvCountChangedEnd SubPrivate Sub DgvRowsRemoved(object sender,DataGridViewRowsRemovedEventArgs e) Handles Dgv.RowsRemovedMe.DgvCountChangedEnd Sub.

I don't think you can set an expression or a property for a DataGridViewColumn to autoincrement. I would just manually add it to the underlying DataTable and let it handle it.For example, in this code:Dim myconn As New SqlConnectionDim myDataAdpter As New SqlDataAdapterDim AvalibleOrdersDS As New DataSet'.


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Manually add your autoincrementing column to your DataTableDim dt as DataTable = AvalibleOrdersDS.Tables(0)Dim col As New DataColumn('SrNo')col.DataType = System.Type.GetType('Syste m.Int32') '. You know, I did a little testing with that, and it worked fine when the datasource was not set, but did not perform correctly when the datasource was set, so I modified it and found this to work correctly:Private Sub DataGridView1RowsAdded(By Val sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DataG ridViewRow sAddedEven tArgs) Handles DataGridView1.RowsAdded'Multiple rows will be added at once when you set your datasource, so loop through them.For i As Integer = e.RowIndex To (e.RowIndex + e.RowCount - 1)Me.DataGridView1.Rows(i).C ells(0).Va lue = iNextEnd Sub.