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Hi guys,I want to build a bait boat for surf fishing. Hope to get some guidance from experts here. The boat I am planning to build will be similar to the 'Aqua Cat' model (It need not look the same but has to do the job).

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This bait boat is not for carp fishing or for the lakes it is for the beach hence we have to look at a lot of other issues regarding stability. So let us leave out the design for the time being.


Diy Bait Boat Plans

Let us see what I need in terms of motor, esc,battery, tx/rx etc.The boat will be have a place to hold the bait which may be a fish or a piece of it weighing not more than 250G and a fishing line attached to it and pull this line to about 300m to 500M drop the bait and return. You can watch the Aqua Cat in action hereHope some one can guide me on the choice of equipments I need like what size of motor,esc,tx/rx,servo,props etc.RegardsIlangoLogged. Yes Anwar, the boat design will be the toughest part, we need the right buoyancy and CG to make sure it can with stand the rough waves.

We also need a system that will make sure the boat gets back to its upright position asap after a topple. It has be 100% water proof and the components must be protected from corrosion!!! Too many things to look into but it will be fun to design and test I want to start with the simplest problem first and decide on the components needed to power this boat first.Logged. HiThis boat is just awesome.Big design challenges.1) to ensure the boat does not turn upside down when hit by waves.I think this can be achieved by keeping the kneel relatively bigger and heavier.2) Making the complete cabin watertight.Prop: This boat will require more of torque than speed.hence you would need to use a 3 blade prop.Better way to start off on this would be start off the size of 3 blade prop that is available.

Based on it you can then decide the length of the boat.Let me see if I can get some plans for this.ShreekantLogged. The same performance can be achieved with a motorized sailboat without Main Sail & Jib. In the above bait boat C.G (about 1 1.5 kg weight fixed at the centre board) is kept well below the hull and for extra safety a ball is attached above the deck. As mentioned by Sreekant a low rpm / high torque motor is enough to sail it.This is exactly what I have in mind. Can use all my old lead weights to provide extra weight and low CG.

Free Bait Boat Plans

By any chance can I have a copy of the plans of your sail boat??? What wood did you use to make it?Logged. @Sreedhar, Turning over is just one part of the problem dear.Can anyone suggest what I need to lookout for in terms of power/speed/model/brand etc.

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Looks like the boat will be around 3Kg in weight and will have to pull the fishing line to around 400Mtrs into the sea. Hmmm say 1/2KG of fishing line and a Max of 1/2Kg of bait+weight. It will be better if we can estimate for 5Kgs.1. TX/RXBy the way I prefer« Last Edit: September 23, 2010, 12:59:26 PM by ilangoslk »Logged.