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Contents.Early life Robben Ford was born in, United States, and raised in. He began playing the saxophone at age 10 and the guitar at age 14. Robben and his brothers created the Charles Ford Blues Band in honor of and named after their father.

Career At age 18, Ford's band was hired to play with, and recorded two albums The Charles Ford Band and Discovering the Blues. He recorded two albums with called Live and Spoonful. In the 1970s, Ford joined the band, L.A. Express, led by saxophonist. In 1974, the band supported George Harrison on his American tour and played on the Joni Mitchell albums. Miles Davis & Robben Ford in Montreux in 1986After leaving the L.A. Express in 1976, Robben Ford recorded his solo album, with a band that later became the.In 1977, Ford was one of half a dozen or so session players asked to play the guitar solo for the song '.'

In the end, the group went with the version by instead. In 2006, a tribute album to Steely Dan – The Royal Dan – was released, with Ford covering 'Peg' in his own style.In 1982, Ford was one of several guitarists who appeared on the KISS album, playing lead guitar on the songs 'Rock And Roll Hell' and 'I Still Love You'.Ford worked briefly with in 1986; and can be heard on. Ford released his album in 1988. He joined, and J.T. Lewis in the cast of The Sunday Night Band for the second and final season of the late-night television program in 1989. In the 1990s, he released the albums Robben Ford and the Blue Line and.Robben Ford has received five nominations and was named one of the '100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century' by magazine. He credited pianist and arranger and saxophonist and arranger, whom he met while playing for, as a major influence on his musical development.

Equipment Guitars Ford considers his first good electric a Guild Starfire III with a single florentine cutaway. He used a Gibson L-5 when he played with Charlie Musselwhite and the Ford Band, although he never thought it was a great guitar. While playing with Jimmy Witherspoon, Ford traded the L-5, plus $200, for a Super 400. When Ford began playing with the and, he used a 1958 Gibson dot-neck 335.After Ford's album was released in 1988, Robben used a Robben Ford Signature model guitar created in a collaboration with Dan Smith of and produced in Japan between 1987 and 1993.

That guitar was based on the Fender Master Series Esprit Ultra that was produced from 1983 to 1986 in Japan. In 1987, new management at Fender authorized the first production of the Robben Ford Signature guitar.

Revelation Robben Ford Pdf Owners

In 1994, production of the guitar moved from Japan to the. Three models were produced: Ultra FM (with a carved maple top), Ultra SP (with a carved spruce top), and the Elite FM (with a carved flame maple top). The guitar line continued to be produced until 2002 when it was discontinued by Fender.Sometimes he plays a vintage 1960, or a 1963 Gibson SG. Ford also owns other guitars including a 1966 Epiphone Riviera (with the original Bigsby tremolo removed and replaced with a stop tailpiece). Ford's Dumble Overdrive SpecialIn a May 1–16, 2017 tour which ended in Niagara Falls NY, Ford debuted a newly acquired 1953 Gibson Les Paul.Amplifiers Robben Ford uses and Celestion G12-65 speakers. In 1983, Alexander 'Howard' Dumble made Robben's first Dumble Overdrive Special (serial #002) for Robben.

Dumble himself is the owner of serial #001.When traveling abroad he prefers taking his Dumble, but will sometimes use. Personal life Ford is divorced from the singer.

He is the uncle of current drummer. (Concise ed.).

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