Odin Downloader Has Stopped Working Fix

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Explorer has stopped working fix

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Best app for X-reason. Support links. Hey, I made a post before about how I've been trying to unbrick my AT&T Note 5, and now I'm finally making some progress.I've got a stock ROM that I can flash to my phone (N920AUCS4EQD1), and Odin recognizes the files and picks them up fine. It also finally started recognizing my phone again.However, when I press start it gets to File analysis, and stops. It can be left there for over an hour and nothing happens.What's going on?

What can I do? Anything I try to find online is from 2010 and doesn't really work.Attached is a photo of ODIN after pressing startMy phone in download mode also states,ODIN MODEDOWNLOAD SPEED: FASTPRODUCT NAME: SW-N920ACURRENT BINARY: SAMSUNG OFFICIALSYSTEM STATUS: OFFICIALFAP LOCK: ONSecure Download: EnabledKNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0 (0X0000)RP SWREV: B:4 K:0 S:1What can I do about this lads?. It is indeed FRP lock - I guess I just misread the font.However - I do not get that error (although I probably will once I solve the file analysis problem).The log says nothing when I press start - it doesn't change at all nor does that error come up. I don't think there's a lack of connection though, because ODIN recognizes when it's plugged in at download mode, and I think I originally soft-bricked it by accidentally flashing a file over with ODIN (I remember flashing something and it worked, but I haven't gotten it to work ever since then). I DID IT!I'm going to post what I did for any future anons who might have the same issue as I did and so they don't need to waste 20 hours scrambling through 7 year old posts by third worlders on XDA that do nothing.So first I got the latest Odin - as of June 2017 this is 3.12.7, you can find it anywhere really.Then, I searched for the stock firmware - but made sure to explicit put ODIN in the search terms.

I came across. It's a version from December - but it works just fine on my phone, as I cannot get a later version because I'm in a foreign country.After downloading it, open up your ODIN (I'm not sure if this is necessary - but I ran it with administrator and Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility). Boot up your Note 5 in download mode, and connect it to your computer with a USB cable (If ODIN does not recognzize your phone, there may be something wrong with either the port or the cable ( power only micro USB cables exist!)).Then, after extracting the files for the firmware, open them up into their corresponding ODIN slot and wait for it to correctly load each file, your ODIN may freeze when loading in the AP file, which makes sense because it's really large. My files were.md5 files, so it gave me a little confirmation and greyed things out while it was loading - I'm not sure if it will work for.tar files or.zip files (beware some.tar files may actually be.rars, so it will not be visible in your ODIN when you try to load them).Once all the files are loaded in correctly, simply press start. You will see a loading bar appear under the downloading logo thing on your phone, which corresponds with that in ODIN. Wait for that to complete - and voila! Phone restored!If you are still having problems, please actually take the time to make a request here or somewhere.

Odin Downloader Has Stopped Working Fix For Free


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Odin Downloader Has Stopped Working Fix Windows 7

I was frantically trying to solve this myself but all previous posts about such an issue online were just outdated and didn't work - You can definitely get help on a subreddit like this.Cheers!.