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Airowizard Beta 2

V5.20 beta 25 3rd October 2019. Added shelf filters with adjustable Q for the Generic and miniDSP equalisers. V5.20 beta 21 20th August 2019. Bug fix: In beta 20 mic cal files with 'sensitivity' in a line in the file could cause an exceptionV5.20 beta 20 19th August 2019. Added support for 768 kHz on ASIO. Tested for replay (ADI-2 DAC) but not for capture. When calculating target level for a Full range target use the measurement data from 200 Hz to 2000 Hz rather than from the LF cutoff to 2000 Hz.

Added support for a sensitivity figure in analog mic cal files. Format is: Sensitivity -12.3 dBFS where the dBFS value is the input level REW sees when the mic sees 94 dB SPL.