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Puerto Rico State Medical Board Filed under Puerto Rico medical license, Puerto Rico medical board With Physician License Service there are no worries or headaches. The online form will take 15 minutes to fill out and then you will receive the signature forms within 5 business days. Return the signature forms to along with any other items required in our simple check list. will file the applications with the Puerto Rico State Medical Board directly. Puerto Rico requires two separate applications.

One for the General License and another in order to practice in a Specialty. After the required medical board applications are filed, all third party primary source confirmations will be requested. will follow up with each verifying source until the Puerto Rico Medical Board confirms that your license is complete and ready to be issued. handles all the administrative leg work and proofing of the licensure application process. You can concentrate on your patients while handles all the small, timely details.

Our Domestic Graduates are averaging a period of 3 to 4 months from the time they sign and notarize the completed packet to the date that the license is issued by the Puerto Rico Medical Board. Our Foreign Graduates are averaging a period of 3 to 6 months. Serial number on dell inspiron 15r laptop. This is an average and does not guarantee future performance.

Our Fee to handle the licensure process for Puerto Rico is $1699.00. This fee does not include the fees charged by the Puerto Rico Medical Boards and various third parties which will be required to verify the physicians Education, Training, Examination, and Licensure History. Additional Information If you have tried to contact the Puerto Rico Medical Board, then you have discovered that just getting someone on the phone is a supernatural event. The Board doesn't answer emails or answer their phone. If you are able to have someone at the Board answer the phone, the chances are that that person cannot help you and that you will be told to call back and speak to another person who can. The Puerto Rico Medical Board does not have a website or an online application.

If you are going to apply to the Puerto Rico Medical Board, this leaves just two choices: - Travel to Puerto Rico 5 to 8 times during a 3 to 6 month time frame or - Hire to handle the process for you We have the people on the ground in Puerto Rico who can make this process work for you. No one else does. The State Medical License process is time consuming and arduous. Your time is too valuable to be spent on completing forms, licking envelopes, sending emails, and making phones calls over and over again.

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That is why exists. We can make the paths straight and reduce the time it takes to complete your Medical License Application. To initiate the process, simply complete our form, forward to your CV', and then await for your licensure packet to arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Once you return the packet, then will handle everything. It is that easy. Additional Puerto Rico Medical Board Licensing Information: -The fee paid to Puerto Rico is $1250.00 -You will need two licensed Puerto Rico Physicians to complete the Puerto Rico Medical Board Reference Form. The best source for this requirement typically can be found in the facility/employer in Puerto Rico which is requesting that you apply for a license with the Puerto Rico Medical Board -The process with the Puerto Rico Medical Board typically cycles on a bi-weekly basis.

As such updates are going to have an accuracy of 14 days give or take. Updates can only be obtained when we send our staff member to the Board to meet with the Board.The Puerto Rico Medical Board is very inefficient. As such they lose 20-25% of the mail sent to them. This causes delays. The process grinds slowly with this medical board and as such has to be built into the expected time frame for issuance of the Medical License -The Fee which charges for Puerto Rico is $1699.00.

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This is double the fee for the Licensure process for any other Medical Board in the USA. The reason for this is that we have a much higher base line cost to handle the process for Puerto Rico due to the unique requirements of the Puerto Rico Medical Board process.