Acer Aspire 5750 Network Adapter Driver

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You're welcome!Some of these cards still make us hold our breath until an 'It works' confirmation is posted.Regarding the explanation you wrote in the 'Edit' of your first post - a good ' General' guide about broadcom issues has already been written a while ago by our senior-most wireless guru chili555, and is now one of the two Stickys of the 'Networking & Wireless' section:The word 'General' is all the problem here, as wireless issues are usually very subjective, and broadcoms are particularly confusing. It is easy for us troubleshooters who are dedicated to 'Wireless' troubleshooting in particular, but really confusing for those who are not in constant touch with wireless stuff. There are four different drivers for various broadcom chips, and which one is suitable for which card is not always crystal clear.For example, the driver you are using used to be the perfect driver for one of the variants - BCM4313 (ID being 14e4:4727), but not anymore. The.current. best is 'brcmsmac' for it, while the is now.often problematic.

  1. Acer Aspire 5750 Network Adapter Driver Download
  2. Acer Aspire Wifi Driver Download

To add to such confusions, the native driver, b43, needs proprietary firmware, the 'perfect' way to install which used to be installing the package 'linux-firmware-nonfree', but now installing that actually has the potential to.remove the firmware. if it already exists.As if it were not enough, there are plenty of ways to reach the four basic solutions, and then there are somewhat 'misleading' solutions which make it exponentially confusing.

Acer Aspire 5750 Network Adapter Driver Download

Take your.current. explanation for example - everything is well and good upto step 5, but step 6 really goes 'off-the-rails'The name 'bcmwl-kernel-source' is a uniqe-style name for the driver you require - the 'wl' driver (yeah, another confusion - 'wl' is the name of driver, 'STA' is its type, and 'bcmwl-kernel-source' is the package that compiles-installs-and-configures it - three different names for the same thing. Oh, actually four - 'the proprietary broadcom driver' is yet another one ).The other drivers are the native 'b43', or brcmsmac, or brcmfmac (variant of brcmsmac for USB devices) and don't have funny words like 'kernel' or 'source' in their names at all. Now the 'b43' needs 'Proprietary Firmware', and as if the terminology and the recurrence of the word 'proprietary' was not enough, the ways to install it have radically changed recently, and are still non-unique.With this and much more of such details, we consider it to be the best to keep a.General Guide for Broadcoms. to the, and keep a short version of it as the sticky.

Acer Aspire Wifi Driver Download

We intentionally omit many such details to avoid possible confusion to the user we are helping. For those users, who are not afraid of a detailed guide, the is the best resource.

For those users, who are interested in a 'Short-And-Quick'.General. guide, the is the best resource. For those users, who are not technically inclined at all, and need quick/clear/and simple solution, posting a thread and asking for help is the best approach.One of the most useful resource for us troubleshooters, regarding the broadcom chips, is this reference table:Hope this post is as clear as it can possibly bePS:I think you should consider rephrasing step 6 of your explanation part in the first post.

You can simply link it to the sticky thread, mentioning to look at the table in it to determine who needs what.PPS:The credits go to all those who help us know what we know, and that means multiple things, multiple people. We troubleshooters rely on each other's experience and posts as much as the wiki pages, and most importantly - the feedbacks from users like you which helps us know what works, what doesn't and what just broke.

I have an Acer Aspire 5750 laptop that I recently updated to windows 10. Since then I have had two independent intermittent problems that happens multiple times a day. The first one is I loose the batter icon and have found the only way to restore it isto re scan for new hardware in the device manager. I have to do this every time it happens multiple times a day.The other is for some reason my wifi drops out.

For some reason it is still on and can see my wireless network but won’t connect to it unless I restart the entire laptop.This is really making me hate windows 10.Any help would be greatThanksT. Hi,I realized your concern and will assist you to resolve the issue.I suggest you to follow the methods below and check if it helps.Method 1: Run thePower troubleshooter.Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter to check and fix issues with power.

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