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There are two sides to every story. Most recent single “Man Down” has been receiving a great deal of controversy in the press after releasing a video where the singer shoots an unarmed, unidentified man in Jamaica, and depicts violence towards men in general. Now reggae singer Wayne Marshall has 'Ri-Ri-mix' the track, providing another perspective on the story, but keeping most of Rihanna's verses from the original single intact.

If you haven't seen the yet you should do so; check out the tropical reggae stylings of Wayne Marshall's remix below.

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Rihanna Man Down Album

You want trap? You want crazy weird synth lasers? You want Rihanna? Well then this is the remix for you! Is coming at you with no brakes with their latest release. They took Rihanna’s radio hit ‘Man Down’ and basically kicked it in the balls and made it eat bass for breakfast.

Man Down Video Song Download

If you can find a song that goes harder than this, then I won’t do anything because I don’t make promises to strangers. But seriously, download this song and get ready to rage to Rihanna like only Maison Cartel lets you do.