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I have a Lenovo M91p with Windows 7 I want to upgrade to Windows 10. It has a Core i5-2400 processor that Intel does not show as compatible. Similarly, Lenovo does not list the M91p as compatible with Windows 10.I tried installing Windows 10 and it was not stable, so I returned to Windows 7.Is it possible to run Windows 10 on this processor? If so, how?If not, I guess my options are to replace the processor or buy a new PC, which is unfortunate, as the machine is otherwise capable of running 10 just fine.

Intel I5 2400 Graphics Driver


Thanks for responding.I started with a clean installation of Windows 10 and then ran Lenovo's update tool, which I assumed updated all drivers. The system ran unreliably, with intermittent blue screen issues, so I went back to Windows 7.My question is specific to the CPU in my PC, which is an Intel Core i5-2400. The Intel site does not list it as compatible with Windows 10:Lenovo does not list my PC (ThinkCentre M91p) as compatible with Windows 10.I don't understand why, and am wondering what the issue may be and whether there is a solution to allow updating this PC to Windows 10. ThanksI agree Microsoft's statement is the processor is compatible.I don't understand why they would say this, yet Intel does not list their 2nd Generation Core processors as compatible.If there is an issue with these processors, I think MSFT is creating risk for their customers by claiming compatibility and I would like to understand the reason Intel doesn't list them.I know when I tried to install Windows 10, it didn't go well. I can't say it was because of a compatibility issue, but it was a nightmare reverting to Windows 7, so I'm not willing to take another chance on the upgrade to 10 until I have a better understandingof the risk, even if MSFT says it is compatible.Does anyone have knowledge of the potential issues with these 2nd Gen Core processors and whether there are any workarounds to assure a smooth upgrade to 10?

Intel Core I5 Driver Download

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