Vethathiri Maharishi Exercise Books In Tamil

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Any SKY Center from around the world can subscribe for any particular course and access the online recorded videos. Weekly once, they can avail Q&A session with Senior Professors lively through our video conferencing technology.

Vethathiri Maharishi Yoga

All these facilities can be availed with a normal 512kbps internet. Online lectures are being recording the Power Point Presentation with Professor Video for Introspections, MA, BA, and Diploma. Soon all these lectures will be available for subscription. IT-Department, WCSC can provide online support for any technical issues. Note: These online lecture subscriptions are available only to SKY Centers.

Vethathiri Maharishi Exercise Books In TamilSchool exercise books

Interested candidates can e-Mail to: Accommodation There are 113 rooms which includes double cot, treble cot, four cots, double cot & four cot executive rooms with A/C. Attached bath facilities. In addition to this, there are separate dormitories for men and women. Only those who are attending a course or who come with a letter of introduction from their local SKY Centre are permitted to stay overnight. For room bookings, kindly E-mail to or call to +91(4253)255.