Trimble Cfx 750 Firmware Update

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You are logged in as a guest. ( )Trimble CFX 750 Firmware Jump to page: Now viewing page 1 50 messages per page::-Message formatPosted 3/13/2012 22:45 (#2286010) Subject: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareWhat are the steps to update firmware on my CFX 750. Also, what exactly is updated by doing this?Posted 3/13/2012 23:11 (#2286097 - in reply to #2286010) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareMinnesotaTo Update the CFX 750, you will need to download the display firmware (and monitor firmware 1.17, if updating to display version 1.9 ) onto a USB Memory device. You should then be able to insert the USB into the back of the CFX display and power it on, steps for doing the update will show on the screen when the USB device is recognized. The updates will let you access new features (such as RTX ), improve the user interface, and correct glitches that have been found in prior firmware releases, among other things.Here is a link to the firmware-Once you get the USB in the display you will need to make sure to install the Monitor Firmware (vers. 1.17 ) before installing the display firmware (vers. 1.9 ).Display version 2.0 or 2.1 will be released soon also.

Trimble Gfx 750 Firmware Update

Edited by IH1486 3/13/2012 23:15Posted 3/13/2012 23:28 (#2286150 - in reply to #2286097) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareJust a side note, not all memory sticks will work.Posted 3/14/2012 00:30 (#2286299 - in reply to #2286150) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareMorris, ILIs there anything i can mess up by doing this my self, i'll make sure i do the 1.17 one first? I'm not sure what version i have now, got the FM 750 last spring and it hasn't been touched since. If it's really old can I go to this 1.9 without any problems? Will a sandisk cruzer work? Another question, this is a Case IH FM 750, will this still all work the same as a trimble CFX 750? Edited by NEILFarmer 3/14/2012 00:32Posted 3/14/2012 01:12 (#2286351 - in reply to #2286299) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareMinnesotaAs long as you do the 1.17 monitor version first shouldn't be a problem.


You will be able to install version 1.9, don't need to worry about any versions in between what is on your display and 1.9. I have had good luck with most USB drives, if you insert it in the display, power it up, and the display doesn't acknowledge there is a USB drive connected (USB icon in the upper right corner is green ), or an info window saying that new firmware as been found, chances are the USB drive isn't going to work. Doesn't matter if you get the firmware that is Trimble or Case branded, its all the same. The branding is in the base display firmware from the factory.Posted 3/14/2012 01:17 (#2286355 - in reply to #2286351) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareMorris, ILThanks again IH1486Posted 3/14/2012 08:47 (#2286585 - in reply to #2286010) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareSW IdahoI was doing some unrelated research and one of the sites I came across had firmware for the 750. I have not loaded it yet but when I compare the one I downloaded to the one at Triangle ag they are different. Problem is I forget where I found what appears to be newer one.Triangle Ag: cfx7501900094Other site: cfx7501920034Posted 3/14/2012 13:55 (#2287024 - in reply to #2286097) Subject: Re: Trimble CFX 750 FirmwareSo if I already have 1.17 on it, I just need to put the 1.9 file on my flash drive and plug it in?

Trimble Cfx 750 Firmware Update

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