Bosch Fridge Freezer Cracking Noise In House

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Refrigerator makes gurgling noise when i close the door

Bosch Fridge Freezer Cracking Noise In House Video

Kung Fu Maintenance lets you hear the snapping crackling sizzling popping coming from a freezer plus dripping trickling making water noises from a fridge in the defrost cycle.

Mrs S 2 years 2 months Noisy BekoI have a Beko ASL141W American‑Style Fridge Freezer that has been very noisy since we purchased it. The db is advertised as 45 however, we reach an average of 71 db approx with ours. It generally kicks in and makes the noise for 30 mins approx every 20 mins. As we live in a bungalow this keeps can be heard in bed at night.

It is a high pitched whirring sound. I called an engineer out shortly after purchase. He said there was no fault and that was the normal sound. We are out of warranty now and I don't want to pay for an engineer to tell me the same thing again. On the other hand it could be a fault and the engineer was wrong.

Please can you help? I love the look and the size of it but can't live with the noise.

Barbara Harry 2 years 2 months Iced diamond fridgeHello, at the back of my fridge, just under the metal plate, I have noticed a crack that runs nearly the width of the fridge. The fridge is working at the moment but wondered if I could do anything about this. It didn't notice it was there when I thoroughly cleaned it out around two months ago but now when I've come to clear it out again I've noticed brown marks staining the back of the fridge running down which in turn made me notice the crack. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Mrs B Harry. Tracie Russell 2 years 6 months Reply Quote: Sounds like it is over freezing and that, depending on the model, may well cause exactly what you describe.

And, that is a fault. Quote: Sounds like it is over freezing and that, depending on the model, may well cause exactly what you describe. And, that is a fault. It's a Hotpoint xex95i1tw.

Been robbed off by Hotpoint about the noise and also the freezing issue. Told me what's noisy to one might not be to another, it's the gasses expending, it's because it's a frost free ff etc. And the freezing of food is oh well, it's designed to be very cool! Yes but not make food rock solid!

I've had to throw away that much food since I've had this new ff but Hotpoint customer service and engineers defending the company with their lives! Read quite a few similar reviews from unhappy Hotpoint owners but no, it's not a fault! Last engineer said we were using them wrong! It's a fridge! You put food in there? Never been any more complicated than that! So in your opinion it was a fault?

Freezer Making Noise

If they change parts for new will it solve the problem or do you think it's a design fault and the thing will never work right? Been waiting for a repair for 3 weeks and coming next week! I've had to buy a little 2nd hand fridge to tide me over. Defeats the purpose of having a brand new ff in the first place lol.