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○ Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. ○ The LightScribe DriveAlthough HP is no longer promoting their LightScribe drive, if you can get your hands on one, do so! Printing custom labels on LightScribe discs is fun!Note LightScribe fans: LightScribe CD and DVD discs are becoming scarce. Every online link for Walmart, BestBuy, Stapes, and Office Depot results in 'product no longer available.' If you're running low, best stock up now—the price keeps rising, too.We've always bought our discs from Amazon, but now they are the only major online retailer with stock. We've included a couple of image links (affiliate) to CDs and DVDs, but stock does continally change.

What is LightScribe?Hewlett-Packard (HP) invented the LightScribe technology for printing, or more accurately 'etching' user-created label designs on CDs and DVDs. Therefore, the drive is often referred to the HP LightScribe drive. However, you are not limited to only using software or media (CDs, DVDs) from Hewlett Packard.Before we provide all of the details on how to get your LightScribe drive in production, let's take a moment to discuss how the LightScribe drive works.

How Does the LightScribe Disc Work? The LightScribe disc drive prints, or etches, a user-created label on the back of a recordable LightScribe CD or DVD. The back of a LightScribe disc is covered with a thin dye coating. As the LightScribe laser etches the images and text of your label design onto this coating, a chemical change occurs and the areas etched turn a dark gray color.Every LightScribe drive has the LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling logo (image shown above) on the drive or positioned close to the drive.Before we discuss LightScribe requirements, we must point out that HP stopped investing in LightScribe technology several years ago. The drive has many fans, so we encourage you to save copies of the required software so that you can also enjoy the LightScribe drive until either your drive fails, or until LightScribe discs are no longer available. Three Requirements to Use the LightScribe DriveTo print labels on CDs and DVDs from the LightScribe drive, you must have the following three components:. LightScribe System Software (LSS) installed on your computer.

Label Design Application Software installed on your computer. LightScribe CDs and DVDsStep 1: LightScribe System Software (LSS)The LightScribe System Software is required for the LightScribe enabled drive to function.

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It is similar to a driver.The LightScribe System Software may currently be downloaded from either (negative reviews, though) or at.Download the LightScribe system Software (LSS) to your hard drive. We recommend scanning the downloaded file with anti-virus software and anti-malware software.


There are also online scanners that will allow you to upload a file for scanning.Then locate the file on your hard drive, double-click the file, and click Run. Follow the steps in the install wizard. After the software is installed, the LightScribe Control Panel icon will appear on your desktop. This utility provides:. Change of contrast settings (we recommend the highest setting, though the printing takes longer). Information about your LightScribe drive and LSS software versionTroubleshooting Drive Not Being RecognizedIf you're sure you have all the required software installed but your LightScribe drive still isn't being recognized by your computer, download the from and follow directions found on that webpage.

The software that was pre-installed on your computer to control the CD and DVD drives may have LightScribe label design functionality. If so, there will be a LightScribe option somewhere in the program. This software may be from Sonic, Roxio, Neato, and so on.


If it is not available, you may have a limited edition of the software and can upgrade to the full version.However, there are some decent free options that we discuss next. Download FREE LightScribe Label Design SoftwareLightScribe Simple Labeler: this free software can be found on various download sites.

We've included a link to at This program only provides the ability to create two half-circles of text that print next to the center hole of the disc.To install, double-click the downloaded file, and click Run. Follow the step in the install wizard. An icon shortcut will be placed on your desktop.LightScribe Template Labeler is also available online. Here is the link to the software on This labeling application allows you to create more complex labels by providing templates. Some templates have function-specific images already in the design, and most of the templates provide a place to insert text and a user provided image.To install, double-click the downloaded file, and click Run.

Follow the step in the install wizard. An icon shortcut will be placed on your desktop.

Buy LightScribe Labeling Software for Label DesignFor more design flexibility, purchase LightScribe labeling software. Many of the most popular DVD/CD burning applications support LightScribe, such as Nero. Nero's label making application, called Nero CoverDesigner, was part of the main program until recently; it now must be downloaded and installed separately.Other vendors selling disc burning software that supports LightScribe include Roxio, Sonic, Neato, CyberLink, Acoustica, and Corel.Recently we found an inexpensive LightScribe label design software that provides a trial version at. If you try it and like it, click the 'Purchase' link.

We haven't tried this software, so let us know what you think. An Internet search may produce additional programs for purchase. Step 3: Purchase LightScribe Media: DVDs and CDsSpecially coated discs required for LightScribe laser printingRecordable LightScribe CD-R, DVD+R, and DVD-R discs are available in a variety of colors as shown at left, though the label images and text always print in monochrome. However, the majority of LightScribe DVDs and CDs available for purchase are gold.As mentioned above, LightScribe discs are becoming hard to find, so stock up now. Amazon was the only major online retailer (that we have had experience with) that still had stock.HINT: Many DVDs and CDs come stacked on a spindle. Don't throw out the spindle when done. Some high-quality discs come packaged without a spindle and you'll be glad you kept one around.We hope you've enjoyed our LightScribe tutorial.