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Download Chord Lagu Indonesia PdfDownload Chord Lagu Indonesia Pdf

Chord Lagu Indonesia Tanah Air Beta

The weirdest thing about this song is that it’s actually in 3/4 time so be sure to count one beat short of the normal four! 123123To keep the beat going steady in this odd time signature, it can be helpful to substitute a strum for a pick on the first beat. So instead of strumming your ʻukulele on every beat, you would play “pluck, strum, strum.” This really brings across that traditional waltz feel.It might sound a little goofy on a such a rambunctious, plodding tune like Happy Birthday, but it will force you to get used to dropping one beat from the standard 4/4.If you’re holding the right chord it doesn’t matter which note you pluck! Because each string is harmonized by the chord, any note you strike will work. I like a lower note to emphasize the “low, high, high” pick, strum, strum pattern.

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