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Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a widely used operating system, and is the predecessor of Windows 8. The OS is mostly used in desktop/laptop computers, tablets, Netbooks and media center computers. Windows 7 is designed to be compatible with Vista-compatible hardware and applications. This Windows version also comes with built-in drivers and DirectX. The OS supports virtual hard disk storage’s, and adds to the performance of multi-core processors.The OS is basically an incremental upgrade to Windows Vista.

The built-in drivers also include Bluetooth drivers. Users can connect Bluetooth devices with the PC, provided there is a Bluetooth module or a Bluetooth dongle in the PC to detect Bluetooth enabled devices. You can change the settings of any connected Bluetooth device in Windows 7.This tutorial includes the steps for changing settings of Bluetooth enabled devices connected to the computer. Control Bluetooth pairing. Step 1: Click the Start button and select Control Panel.

Step 2: Type Bluetooth in the Control panel search box and press Enter. Step 3: Click Change Bluetooth Settings.

Windows 7 Bluetooth Settings

Step 4: Click the Options tab in the dialog box that appears. Step 5: Make your computer discoverable by checking the checkbox saying Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer. (Tip: Make the computer discoverable only when you want the device to detect the computer). Step 6: Check the checkbox ‘Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect’ to enable alert notifications.Connecting a device. Step 1: Make sure the integrated Bluetooth module is enabled.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth connection in the device you wish to connect to the computer. Windows will detect the device and alert you with a notification that a device is trying to connect via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Click on the notifications to allow access to the device. Step 4: Pair the device to the PC, providing pairing codes if promptedEnabling/Disabling devices connected via BluetoothThe connected device may support various services like file transfer, dial up networking and stereo audio. Windows allows you to enable or disable these services and even change the name of the Bluetooth device connected. Step 1: Click on the Start button. Step 2: Now click on Devices and Printers, which should appear in the Start menu on the right pane.The Devices and Printers window will now appear in the screen.

Bluetooth Cmd Commands

You will be able to see the device connected via Bluetooth. The name of the device will be the name given by the device manufacturer, by default. If you changed the device’s Bluetooth name in the device itself, that name will be displayed instead.Changing the name of the device. Step 1: Right click on the Bluetooth enabled device which appears in Devices and Printers window. Step 2: Now select Properties from the context menu which appears on right clickingThis will open the Properties dialog box of the device. You will be able to see a Bluetooth tab in the box.

Step 3: Click on the Bluetooth tab in Properties. Step 4: Type a new name of your preference for the device and click OK. The new name will be displayed for the device from now on, until you change it again.Enabling a service. Step 1: Click on the Services tab in the Properties box. Step 2: Check the checkbox beside the service you want to enable and click OKDisabling a service. Step 1: Click on the Services tab.

Step 2: Clear the checkbox beside the service you want to disable and click OKConclusionYou have now configured the Bluetooth settings of Windows 7 and the settings of a Bluetooth connected device. The device only appears if the system can detect it.

You will lose connection if the device is out of range.