Ruger Serial Number Date Manufacture

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11 Comments:At,said.Hey cool page. I just started following you and Id love a follow back if you get the time. ThanksAt,Anonymous much would a ruger 22 long mark 1 auto pistol made in he 200th year of american libetyAt,Anonymous said.i have a ruger 357 blackhawk, 4 5/8 barrel, serial number 59691, any idea when this is made? Three screw model, would a collector have an interest?

  1. Ruger Serial Number Identification

Thx for any info that can be providedAt,Anonymous said.Ruger mini 14 ser #180-76964 how old and whats it worthAt,Anonymous said.I have what was marketed sometime in the late '80s as a limited edition Mark II Target model. It has the 5 1/2' bull barrel, adjustable sights, and walnut grips with thumb rest.

Ser #214-30880. Was purchased new and only about 200 rounds fired. Any idea of current value?At,Anonymous said.I have a Mark II Target Model that was marketed in the late '80s as a limited edition.

5 1/2' bull barrel, adjustable sights, walnut grips with thumb rest, ser #214-30880. Was purchased new and only fired about 200 rounds. Current value?At,said.Buying a 41mag blackhawk 40-13689, what is the manufacture date?At,Anonymous said.I have a single six new model where do I find the model number and can I get a 22 long cylinder for itAt,Anonymous said.Just purchased a Ruger Standard Pistol from a friend, serial number is 12. very good condition. $180.00 I think I got a very good deal. Date of manufacture I think, is 1951.At,said.I have a ruger rimfire pistol With serial number 209493It also has us markings on it wondering what it's worthAt,said.Wow you guys are friggin IDIOTS!


The point of this post is to give you the tools to find the dates. As to value, it's worth what someone would pay for it. Probabllt $200 - $400. That goes for everyone who asked. Without seeing the dang thing who could even ever tell more?

Ruger Serial Number Identification

7th edition mtg. I just joined this forum when I became interested in buying a mini 14 and had trouble learning which one to buy.