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Advanced TIFF Editor Plus is a software application, designed specifically in order to help individuals convert, edit, print and save image files to the hard drive. It is possible to process multiple files at a time, and even transform different types of files into the same output format. In addition to that, you can configure the compression and photometric options, colors, as well as preview the resulted item. This utility enables you to zoom in and out, automatically find the best fit or view the actual size. You can also copy, cut, paste, undo or redo actions, rotate or flip images, use an eraser, highlight certain areas, add text, lines, geometrical shapes annotations and measure certain distances.From the settings panel you can configure virtual printers, measurements, annotations, toolbars and the startup mode. For example, in the latter, you have to input initial zoom, thumbnail size, window state.Advanced TIFF Editor Plus Full VersionIn order to enhance ease of use, most options have popular keyboard shortcuts, such as “Ctrl+Z” to undo, “Shift+Ctrl+E” to e-mail files and “Ctrl+P” to print projects.There are multiple languages supported, including English, French, German, Korean or Turkish, while the User Guide is quite comprehensive, seeing that the developers have integrated both offline and online contents, FAQs and daily tips. To sum up, Advanced TIFF Editor Plus is a piece of software which proves to be useful when it comes to editing, viewing and converting image files, without putting a strain on your PC’s performance.

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