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Just wondered if anyone with an Autocruise Vista 2002 on a Peugeot 1.9 Diesel had any MPG figures for comparison? Does 25 MPG sound about right? It seems a bit low to me for a low profile coach built under 16ft long without much gear in it.

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Price of fuel these days it would be nice to get a few more miles per tank full! Other than driving carefully with a gentle foot on the accelerator, no top box, enough air in the tyres etc etc, is there anything else worth doing that might hike the miles up a bit?Many thanksPosted: 17 July 2008 11:17 PMSubject: RE: Fuel consumption Autocruise VistaPillar of the forumsPosts: 793Location: Swindon, Bailey Pegasus 462. Hi Mrs Sea,I use to get from a Starfire 1.9td back in 2000, 27 mpg up and down the mountains, if I really did drive like the Mobil Economy run, really annoying everyone on the road behind me - I could get 35 mpg.You should be able to average 29 - 32 mpg, if you drive around 50 - 55 mph, gentle accleration, into top gear as soon as possible, and drive well ahead keeping braking to a minimum.I can get around 29 - 33 mpg depending on terrain from my current MH a 2Ltr Hdi. I almost always travel with nearly full water tank and fuel tank, once the vehicle is going and you back off the accelerator pedal, cruise at 50 - 55 mph, vehicle weight doesn't seem to make much difference.Regards TerryPosted: 18 July 2008 6:30 AMSubject: RE: Fuel consumption Autocruise VistaForum masterPosts: 3257Location: Shropshire. Motorhome= 1996 home converted Iveco. Thanks for your replies.The van was serviced before my Dad purchased it in April but it had stood on the dealers forecourt for at least 6 months. I would hope it had new filters as part of this.

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Maybe not.?Its my Dads only vehicle so he uses it for the local runs plus the longer journeys when he's off for a holiday. The 25MPG was on a motorway journey to Devon and back so he'll be getting less than that round the town.Having just had to replace all 5 tyres I don't think he wants to pay out for another service if its not necessary. I'm not sure the local Peugeot garage would do any more/better than the dealer did anyway.

I just wondered whether a more specific 'tuning' could improve matters and whether it would be worth the money? Can anyone recommend someone not too far from Swindon that would do a decent job?Many thanks once again.Posted: 24 July 2008 6:53 PMSubject: RE: Fuel consumption Autocruise VistaPillar of the forumsPosts: 793Location: Swindon, Bailey Pegasus 462. Hi Nicky,I always use DMS Auto in Swindon for servicing the MH and our cars, they do a good job and charge less than half the price Brownhills and Fish Bros in Swindon charge.

See their web page -.Fish Bros won't even touch your MH, they claim they had one fall off the ramps and hurt their mechanic.If you take the MH up to DMS Auto's I'm sure they will advise whether or not you have a fault which is giving you less mpg than you think you should have been receiving.Regards TerryPosted: 26 July 2008 8:22 PMSubject: RE: Fuel consumption Autocruise Vista.

Diamond MemberOutfit:Toyota Hiace vanLocation:ShropshireJoined: 30/9/2007Posts: 3827Site Reviews:Gallery Images.and it's always best to minimize the amount of 'food debris' that gets swilled down the plug hole (eg plate scrapings. Swilling-outs from pans, rice/pasta water etc)Don't just treat it like some treat their sinks at home.Scrape clean and wipe everything off with kitchen towel before you.wash it up.(.we used a washing up bowl, which could then be emptied straight into an external bucket or a waste point, bypassing the MH's waste water system altogether).Message posted by on 06/9/2016 at 5:11pm. Diamond MemberOutfit:IH TIO RLocation:LiverpoolJoined: Posts: 1989Site Reviews:Gallery Images:Are you sure your waste tank is inside the and not outside ie, underneath the camper??? Diamond MemberOutfit:Bailey Alliance 66-2 MotorhomeLocation:Milton KeynesJoined: 13/2/2004Posts: 9134Site Reviews:Gallery Images:I use Thetford Tank Cleaner every now and then. We use the facilities a lot in our van so we produce a lot of waste water, the exception being washing up which is usually done at the facility block or if done in the van I take the bowl of water to the waste point if not too far away.

I run the tank cleaner down the sink holes to freshen up those pipes as well.DavidMessage posted by on 07/9/2016 at 6:33am. Platinum MemberOutfit:Elddis Majestic 155Location:South WalesJoined: Posts: 901Site Reviews:Gallery Images:We used to use white vinegar and baking soda which worked well but someone gave me a box of dishwasher tablets which I use at the moment.As others have said best not let the debris in there in the first place.Sink strainers or collapsible bowls are useful.As others have posted, best to let it pass straight through to an external container so it doesn't have time to settle out.Regards,Greg-Growing old is not for sissiesMessage posted by on 08/9/2016 at 7:07pm. Standard MemberOutfit:Peugeot Autocruise Vista Sunncamp TentLocation:cumbriaJoined: 14/6/2009Posts: 52Site Reviews:Gallery Images:Thanks to everyone for their help.We will let the waste wAter drain into a tank under the van so that it just flows through the on board tank,seems like the best idea then it will be easier to keep everything clean although we do wipe plates etc before washing.this was what we had hoped to do but we weren't sure if it would be ok.So much to learn with this new van (new to us) may have more questions shortly.