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Instrumental Version, audio onlyFuture of Forestry is an indie rock band from San Diego, California led by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Eric Owyoung. The name comes from a poem by C.S. Lewis, 'The Future of Forestry'. The band started in 2006 and released its self-titled debut EP in 2006 under Credential Recordings (EMI). Their first full-length album, Twilight, appeared in 2007, but for the next several years, Owyoung and his collaborators focused on a series of EPs, the 'Travel' series, with three volumes released between 2009 and 2010. Another EP series, 'Advent', devoted to Christmas-themed music, debuted in 2008, with additional installments appearing in 2010 and 2013. In 2011, the 'Travel' series was collected on a single album, 'The Complete Travel Series', while the same year, the group issued another compilation, 'A Film and TV Collection', a limited-edition sampler of music Owyoung created for visual media.

Future Of Forestry Band Members


Future Of Forestry Discography Torrent Online

For the 2012 album 'Young Man Follow', Owyoung launched his own label, Sound Swan Records; he also opened his own studio, Utopia Road Studios, where he worked on Future of Forestry projects as well as recording and mixing work for other artists. The following years yielded a 2014 release of the 'Piano & Strings Sessions', an EP of rearranged Future of Forestry songs orchestrated for piano, strings, and vocals only.