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. extended reporting of existing SSP scenarios, covering additional new variables,. a set of new low SSP-based mitigation scenarios for a radiative forcing target of 1.9 W/m2 were added,. some scenarios were updated in order to reflect recent near-term trends (eg for emissions), and. the projections for greenhouse gas emissions and other radiatively active substances were harmonized for the base year to historical inventories.

HEC-SSP has been developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Ssp Software Download

However, software developed at the Hydrologic Engineering Center is madeavailable to the public whenever appropriate. Use is not restricted and individuals outside of the Corps of Engineers may use the program without charge. HEC will not provide user assistance or supportfor this software to non-Corps users. Downloading this software indicates full acceptance of your responsibility in the use of this program.

Download Format Ssp Excel Free

Download Format Ssp Excel

Please see the for more details.HEC-SSP 2.2. The Windows setup package contains HEC-SSP 2.2, the User’s manual, and example data. Both the User's manual and the example data are accessible from the Help menu of the HEC-SSP software.The HEC-SSP User’s manual is provided in the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You must use Adobe Reader XI or higher to properly view these files.

The current version of the reader is free and availableon.HEC-SSP 2.2 Setup Package for Windows (168MB) HEC-SSP 2.2 Portable Package for Windows (185MB) Supported Operating Systems:Windows 7 and 10, 64-bit onlyArchived Versions.