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Microsoft plans to kick off trials this October, offering an early taste of its future game-streaming ambitions. The ongoing initiative looks to mobilize the Xbox One's existing content lineup, first targeting mobile devices via low-latency cloud-based streaming. Project xCloud already saw, showcasing titles like Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, and Resident Evil 7 broadcast from remote data centers.While Project xCloud's scheduled public preview lies two months away, early traces of its rollout have surfaced via the Microsoft Store. The Xbox One's online marketplace now hosts two applications for the streaming platform seemingly tied to internal testing.

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Unleash X Xbox Apps

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As uncovered by reputable leakster, the 200MB installations for ' and ' allude to ongoing action behind-the-scenes in preparation for forthcoming tests. While Microsoft remains tight on pricing for xCloud, the separation between standard and 'paid' testing apps could be our first a glimpse at monetization plans.As of publication the test applications are unavailable to download, preventing a deeper dive into app contents. Although listings frame both as shooters, placeholder assets and descriptions otherwise occupy the listings.Project xCloud already shows promise, with our early hands-on opportunities demonstrating low-latency Xbox One gaming in Los Angeles and London. Microsoft's cloud expertise could deliver a capable rival to Google's Stadia platform, once public trials commence this October.