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Taylor Tool Life Calculator

Tool Life Definition

ADVERTISEMENTS:Result:The percentage increase in cutting speed is 38% by doing half tool life.Problem 2:Compare the tool life of two catting tools (HSS and carbide) at a speed of30 m/min. The tool life is 130 min. The tool life equation for HSS tool is given by VT 1/7 = C 1 and for carbide VT 1/5 = C 2 at a cutting speed of 24 m/min.Solution:Given:Tool life T= 128 minVT 1/7 = C 1 (for HSS) at 24 m/minVT 1/5 = C 2 (for carbide) at 24 m/minTo find:(i) Tool life for HSS = T 1 at V = 30 m/min(ii) Tool life for carbide = T 2 at V=30m/min(iii) T 1/T 2.Formula used.

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