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DawneHi Megan I was wondering if I was to purchase this SCAL I need to have DS or anything else with it in order to run it! I heard somewhere along the way that I would need something else besides just purchasing it and going with it!

  1. Sure Cuts A Lot 2 Download For Cricut

I also wondered –can u use clip art files from the web or my pc on SCAL AND one more thing can I use the software on my PC desktop and then also on my daughters laptop (as i use that sometimes in my craft room since its mobile)??? Thanks in advance for the answers!! ChrisMegan, I’m a guy and I’m starting to learn about scrap booking. I think it’s cool to save pictures like this.

I don’t have a crickit because I thought is was dumb to have to keep buying cartridges, than I saw your video on You Tube, that’s how I get ideas cuz I’m a closeted scrap booker. So my understanding is that I can buy a crickit and not ever have to buy any cartridges accept for the one it comes with and it will still do all the shapes and fonts right? That would actually push me to buy one.

Thanks for your time.

( I just updated this article in July 2019 with a new keys.h link!)I get a lot of questions about how I use Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) with Cricut machines.Many people think that it no longer works, and that they’re forced to use Cricut’s Design Space for their designs. Others previously used the discontinued Craft Room software and are looking for something else that could work.Well, it’s actually pretty easy to set it up and SCAL is one of my favorite programs to use.If you’ve never used Sure Cuts A Lot Before, I’ll briefly explain what it is and then go into setting it up to work with your Cricut (whether it’s a Maker, Explore Air 2, Expression, etc.). I’m running 10.12.5, so one thing I’ll try tomorrow is updating and seeing if it still works for me.Did you download the keys.h file, or create a file in the folder and copy the text in?I’ve heard some people have trouble because of hidden file extensions, so you can wind up having a file named keys.h.txt (where the.txt is hidden by default).Another thing to check is if you created your own SCALCutPlugins folder, or if one was created for you by SCAL 4. I used the pre-existing one.If you downloaded the file, that wouldn’t happen, however. I have a Cricut Expression 2. With Provocraft’s recent decision to deactivate the Craft Room in favor of their other software, I am not able to use the Craft Room to cut with my Expression 2.I am not able to tell from your information whether I can use an older version of Sure Cuts A Lot to use my machine with software.

Without software, I am left to just plug in cartridges ick!Can you give more details on whether SCAL will work with an Expression 2, if so, what version, where to find, any other files I need, etc.Thanks so much! For those of you looking to use this article to resurrect the Cricut Expression2, I’ve done as much research as I’m willing to do on the product. In my conclusion, the instructions above DO NOT work with the Expression2, unfortunately.Not only did I conclude this from following the instructions above but after thoroughly researching forums, others have made it a point that these instructions do not include the Cricut Expression2 and 3 other models that I don’t remember.For those of you interested, I got as far as selecting the actual Cricut Brand from the SCAL 5 drop down list and the brands that it showed as models included Expression but not Expression2. In my opinion the main problem is SCAL 5 being able to communicate with the Expression2 (a driver issue). This is separate from the USB driver installed from the instructions above. I know others could ask the question whether or not using older software versions would yield different results but the only one I believe would matter is the LibCutter plugin and I highly doubt that would be fruitful because there’s nothing online when searching LibCutter plugin for Expression2. Had it existed surely the search would’ve yielded something.Well that’s my two cents, I’ll update this if I find something else.

Sure Cuts A Lot 2 Download For Cricut

After working on this all day. Here are my results.All starting with a $9.99 Cricut Expression (NOT EXP 2)purchase at goodwill.Cricut is a horrible company for effectively pulling the plug on all these machines so I will crack this box once and for all.I have upgraded the Firmware to Cricut v2.34 This probably eliminates me using SCAL 2.0 work around but oh well. The reason I did so was Make the Cut V4.11 was complaining about Firmware needing an upgrade.The make the Cut work 4.11 around works. Not sure if I can buy a key for that version.V4.6.2 pops up a warning that it will not load the Cricut plugin which is the – PCCPlugin.dll file added to C:Program Files (x86)Make The Cut!PluginsSCAL 5 ResultsAfter the V2.34 firmware upgrade, I could at least send cut commands to the Cricut but any cuts are greatly distorted. I think this might be something with the keys.h file, as the commands are encrypted so maybe this file is not quite right. There are several different versions of this file floating around on the internet I found.I will continue to work on this SCAL v5 or V4 whatever I can get working.Alternate Work around – Caveman MethodUsing Make the Cut 4.11 in demo mode. Cricut V2.34 Firmware.


Cricut Expression (NOT EXP 2)Once it is done cutting, pull the power BEFORE it makes the X through your work of art.If you are doing 2 pass cut with a circle and a square in the program, it will 2 passes on a Circle, then two passes on the squareThen X through all the pieces. Pull the plug after the first pass on the last object.I get it, these companies were threatened to be sued out of existence if they didn’t remove the method of interfacing with a Cricut device.One of them should have said F-IT and offshore some wholly owned “Open Source “Cricket” Software company, With there Version X of the Software then filed for bankruptcy leaving the software downloadable on some offshore data center oil platform for spite.