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Anything I can do to help Get TaKo!We really appreciate any feedback, questions and suggestions throughout the campaign.Have a space you think would be perfect? Got an idea for a wicked awesome TaKo? Got a suggestion for a really awesome reward we haven't thought of yet? Get at us!We hope you'll consider contributing to elevate KoKyu's place in Durham's food scene. We'll lead the charge and keep taking the cuisine of our city to new heights, but we need you all to help us make it happen.ThanKyu Durham,Flip, Sarah & The Whole KoKyu Team. Risks and challengesMoney & Where it Comes FromRestaurants aren't cheap. Your Kickstarter pledges are tantamount to making our vision a success.

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Tot monies, banks, family and friends will all be sources of funding going forward, however we need Durham to have our back.Location. Location.First and foremost, once funded we must choose the spot. There are several extraordinary locations we are considering, the more funding we have the more the probability of us securing the best fit for KoKyu.

We really want to preserve our existing customer base while being in an central area that we can open for lunch, dinner and late nights.I Can't Wait to Get TaKo!Perhaps the biggest challenge of all. A practical timeline for opening a restaurant is in and of itself unrealistic. We will keep project updates flowing starting within the campaign, to the location we choose, to the construction and build out. Realistically lets say Summer-Fallish of 2014 as an slated date.

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Salyu X Salyu

Who Is/Are Lily Chou-Chou?Maybe you’ve seen this, and wondered whose haunting voice that was in the background, well, the answer is a bit complicated.Lily Chou Chou is a fictional artist created for Shunji Iwai’s 2001 film, All About Lily Chou Chou, a film about troubled teens escaping violence, prostitution, and their own violent, and dark urges through an obsession with a fictitious artist, Lily Chou-Chou. To create the kind of warm, dreamy music he wanted Lily Chou-Chou to represent, Shunji brought together Takeshi Kobayashi, an incredibly prolific and talented composer for film and tv, and Salyu, an untested female vocalist who would go on to be a legend in her own respect. The two would frequently work together after the release of the Lily Chou-Chou album, but it would mark their only full scale album as a group. While there is a traditional score for All About Lily Chou-Chou, the real treasure is the complete album of 9 pop songs released as an actual album by “Lily Chou-Chou” called ‘Kokyu’, or Breath. Breath (2001):(Feel free to give me a PM for this, it’s near impossible to track down)Borrowing equally from Bjork’s Vespertine, who is actually mentioned by name in the film, and Brian Eno’s art rock phase, Breath is an amazingly diverse set of songs, especially considering the constraits of a film.

The ballads, like Arabesque, feature gentle pinging electronics, and a hushed, whispery vocal performance by Salyu, equal parts relaxing and haunting. Her voice has that kind of gentle quality Bjork had in Vespertine, but much more feminine, and melancholic. It’s almost classical in how bright and sustained her notes can be.

But it never feels emotionally distant, or forced, as she’s more than willing to let you hear her heavy breaths, and lip smacks. The electronics are almost smothering and dream-poppy, but Salyu’s voice somehow manages to conquer the whole damn mix. On tracks like Kaifuku suru Kizu she almost sounds like she’s giving a solo performance of over ambient synths.

And yet somehow on the more art rocky tracks like Hikousen she manages to sound like a Fiona Apple-esque tigress, holding her own over saxophone bursts and heavily treated guitars. If anything can be said about Salyu, it's that she knows how to extend her voice to any context. The album settles into some more poppy numbers in the back half of the album, with the Bends sounding alt rock numbers Tobenai Tsubasa, and Kyoumei (Kuukyo na Ishi), all before finishing with the fucking massive Glide, the song used to devastating effect in the final act of the film. Backed by a piano, Salyu belts out lines like“I wanna be/ I wanna be/ I wanna be just like the seajust swaying in the water/ so to be at ease/ To be away from all, to be one, of everything”(Yes, she sings in English on this track )It’s resignated, accepting the complex, and dark realities of growing up, much as the lead character of the film did. But it doesn’t need any of that context, this album manages to transcend its position as a “soundtrack”.

Salyu Kokyu Download

It’s a fully separable album of 9 somber pop gems. One which predicted great things for it's two creators.Best Of:After Breath:After their work together on Lily Chou-Chou, the two collaborated for a lot of Salyu's future work, but mainly focused on their individual careers.

Takeshi Kobayashi continues to work as a film composer, including a few more films for Shunji, as well as a solo musician under his own name, releasing Works 1 in 2008. Salyu would go on to have a very successful solo career under the Salyu moniker.

She has released 5 albums since her debut as Lily, one of which is produced entirely by the Japanese music legend, and is also highly recommended (its called ).Surprisingly they would revamp the Lily Chou-Chou moniker once more in 2010 for a song called Ether (a reference to the word used to describe Lily in the namesake film). Unfortunately, I have been unable to track down this song for the longest time, so I can’t comment on its quality.Oh, and I really recommend the movie btw. Bishop david oyedepo sermons downloads. What’s Artists From Japan?A lifelong obsession with anime, and samurai films has done little for me in life, other than grant me the ability to seem like a complete loser in casual conversation with women. But I’ve always been grateful for what it’s done for me in terms of putting me in touch with a world of music that I think is vastly misrepresented in the western world.

Not to say there isn’t a place for music like or, but it’s obvious that Japan’s super stimulating cultural exports are over shadowing a rich and thriving music community steeped in the kind of history that still influences western musicians today, while simultaneously never quite breaking out of your local record shop here in the west. So I felt compelled to shed what little light that I can, in this little subreddit we have here, on a nation that could easily dominate our essentials list if just given the chance.

(Also they are usually longer, this one's a bit of a special case)Previous Editions:(Indie Pop, Electronic)(Post-Rock, Electronic)(Shoegaze, Indie Rock) TL;DR - So You Hate Reading? I’ll Just Give You The HitsThe Essential “Hits”:(Or the Dailymotion without noise from the film)The Essential Albums: Umm, the only one they made, feel free to PM me.